Mothers' Union


The Mothers' Union

We have a brilliant Branch of this amazing organisation at St.George’s Church and we would like to tell you more about the movement in general, and about our Branch in particular. We  would be delighted if you wanted to join us.


How it all started

The Mothers’ Union was started in 1876 by Mary Sumner, the wife of the Rector of Old Alresford in Hampshire. There was great poverty in the 1800s and Mary saw the need to help young mothers to care for their families. She believed prayer was at the centre of family life and that the power of prayer could change society. Bible classes and Sunday Schools were set up and important monthly meetings were held for women, for fellowship and mutual support.

Mothers’ Union Branches were quickly established in other dioceses and overseas, and it is now the largest women’s organisation in the world with over 4 million members in 84 countries. The difference between it and other secular organisations is that it is founded on prayer.


The range and depth of Mothers’ Union work now far exceeds Mary Sumner’s original vision of a circle of prayer upholding family life, and our Branch members are involved in supporting much of this work. We fill shoe boxes with gifts for the homeless at the People’s Kitchen each Christmas, we fill “fresh start” backpacks for young men released from prison,  we raise money to provide  holidays or days out for families in need of a break, and we have contact with local hospitals and women’s refuges. We also raise funds for overseas projects enabling mothers to better support their families.

We engage in many of the social activities at St.George’s Church and we contribute to its prayer life through the Branch prayer group and prayer circle. 

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  Our Branch Leader is Ann Lilley.